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PNII- Progamul "IDEI"
Proiecte complexe de cercetare
Effects of Spin and Dimensionality on the Magnetic, Structural, Morphological and Spin Dynamics in Ferromagnetic micro- and nanostructures
"""Efectele dopajului si ale dimensionalitatii asupra proprietatilor magnetice, structurale si morfologice si dinamicii de spin in micro si nanostructuri oxidice feromagnetice"


Project summary
Diluted magnetic oxides (DMO) are expected to play an important role in interdisciplinary materials science and future electronics because charge and spin degree of freedom coexist into single material. The control of the high temperature ferromagnetism and of the spin and charge transport in DMO micro- and nanostructures represent a necessary condition for the achievement and miniaturization of spintronic devices which could operate at and above the ambient temperature. The project involves a competitive and complementary partnership between 2 Technical Universities and 4 National R&D Institutes and has the main goal to obtain top research results based on the experimental and theoretical researches which will be performed on micro- and nanostructured semiconducting ferromagnetic oxide systems synthesized by innovating methods. By means of that, it will be answered to the still controversial problems in the fundamental research referring to the effects induced by the low dimensionality, magnetic ions doping degree and by the synthesis methods on the propitious characteristics necessarily to get the high temperature ferromagnetism in II-VI oxide semiconductors

Monitorizare proiect PCCE-ID106 (Cluj-Napoca 4.04.2012)


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