Superconductivity, Spintronics and Surface Science Center

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Physical deposition equipment


Hybrid UHV sputtering plant (6 targets, base pressure 2e-9 Torr) and UHV e-beam evaporator (7 pocket crucible, RHEED, base pressure 2e-10 Torr

DC/RF magnetron sputtering system having a base pressure of <2.10-8 Torr, equiped with 6 magnetrons for the deposition of magnetic and non-magnetic materials


Chemical deposition methods top

Laminar flow fume hood for the chemical deposition of thin films equipped with spinner, dip-coater and ultrasound baths
Deionized water equipment (0.1 micro Siemens)

Argon line for the synthesis of the moisture sensitive precursors

nisa argon
Rotary Evaporation by BUCHI with Vacuum Pump V-700.
heating bath can be adjusted from +20°C to +180°C
rotation speed 20–240 rpm Programmed vacuum (vacuum limit 10-7 Torr) or controlled atmosphere tube furnaces up to 1600oC
Tube furnaces up to 1600oC with controlled atmosphere (oxygen, nitrogen, argon).

Characterization equipments top

Bruker D8 Discover high resolution difractometer (theta-2theta scans, w-scan, grazing incidence difraction, reflectometry, polar figures).
Cryogen free system
- variable temperature insert: temperaure range 1.5-300K;
- field range 7T;
- sample rotation option.
cryogenic free
Vibrating sample magnetometer
- vectorial option (angular remanence, Mx, My);
- automatic sample rotation;
- variable temperature even (70K-1000K);
- max. 23kOe (2.3T) magnetic field

Auger Spectrometer
- energy range 10 eV to 2,500 eV;
- resolution 1 eV to 10 eV electronically ajustable;
- resolving power 0.1 % to 0.6% electronically ajustable;
- analyzer modes dE=const. and dE/E=const., electronically ajustable;
- detection: lock-in technique and pulse counting technique.

auger spectrometer
Mask aligner SuSS MicroTec MJB4
Exposure Modes
Contact: soft, hard, vacuum, soft vacuum
Vacuum contact adjustable to 200 mbar abs
Gap exposure, adjustable gap 10 – 50 µm
Flood exposure, split exposure
Lamp control modes: constant power, constant intensity
Alignment Stage
MA movement range X: ± 5 mm
Y: ± 5 mm
Theta: ± 5°
Mechanical resolution X, Y: 0.1 μm
Theta: 4 x 10-5°
mask allinger
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)-VEECO
Contact mode; Tapping mode, Phase imaging;
Magnetic force microscopy;
Conductive AFM mode.
Resistivity measurement equipment in the range 77K-1300K. The setup is equipped with a Keithley 6221 current source and a Keithley 2182A nanovoltmeter.
resistivity inst

AC harmonic Hall and pulse magneto-electrical measurement system


Computer controlled/Labview system TG-DTA derivatograph with a temperature range between 20-1600oC.
Quadrupole mass spectrometer 1-200 amu (Stanford QMS-200).
Zeiss optical microscope(x1000) with image acquisition and processing; Axio-Vision software for phase and grain size analysis.
optical microscope

FT-IR Spectrometer - Platinum - ATR - accessory, Diamond, 1 bounce, QuickLock
- Source: mid-IR range 7000 to 400 cm−1
- Wavenumber Accuracy 0.01 cm−1
- Signal-to-Noise (Minimum) 45.000:1 peak to peak or 250.000:1 RMS for 1 min.




Centrifuge Allegra 64R - Maximun spin speed: 26000rpm (56000 rcf)
- Operating temperature from 20ºC to 40ºC
- Spin tubes: 10x15ml
- Fixed angle: 30º
- Run Time 9 hr 59 min, hold