SOTMEM Spin-orbitronic devices for non-volatile magnetic memory elements
PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2016-2131 No. 24/02.05.2018

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In the coming decades, the microelectronics industry will face major challenges related to power dissipation. As the transistor size continues to shrink down, the leakage current continues to increase affecting both static and dynamic consumption. One possible solution to reduce the leakage power consumption in computing machines is to use non-volatile memory elements. This would immediately reduce the power consumption, since there is no need for uninterrupted power on the memory element and it would also allow highly energetic efficient "normally-off and instant-on" operation. Within this project we target to demonstrate non-volatile magnetic memory elements whose state is controlled by spin-orbit toque effects. The memory element will be a heterostructure consisting of a large spin orbit-coupling non-magnetic material (HM) and a ferromagnetic electrode (FM) with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy whose magnetization orientation will be manipulated via de spin-orbit torque generated from the spin current in the in the non-magnetic adjacent film. The envisioned device will met the requirements of non-volatility, scalability and high speed operation.




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